5 Sunglasses Trends for Spring

The Sunshine: 5 Sunglasses Trends for Spring

Manny - Blue Round Sunglasses - Dani Joh Eyewear

Wearing Manny. 
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Hey girl, heyyyy! As we bid adieu to winter, it’s time to welcome the warmth of spring with open arms and, of course, exclusive eyewear. So, grab your latte, find a cozy spot, and let’s dive into the hottest sunglasses trends that are set to sizzle this season. Here is a relaxing video to watch while we do this. 

Alright, let’s do this…. Numero Uno…. 

1. Retro Revival: Step back in time with vintage-inspired frames that exude old-school glamour. Think oversized square shapes, cat-eye frames, and bold, chunky designs reminiscent of the 60s and 70s. Channel your inner diva with these timeless classics that add a touch of retro-chic to any ensemble.

Mars - Square Flat Top Sunglasses - Dani Joh Eyewear

2. Statement Shields: Shield yourself from the sun in style with oversized, shield sunglasses. These futuristic frames are making a major comeback this spring, offering maximum coverage and maximum impact. Whether adorned with colorful lenses or sleek metallic accents, statement shields are the ultimate choice for fashion-forward individuals looking to make a bold statement.

BlockD - Oversized Shield Sunglasses - Dani Joh Eyewear 


Ali - Oversized Sunglasses - Dani Joh Eyewear

Wearing Ali Transparent Shield Sunglasses

Which bring us to #3….

3. Transparency is Key: Embrace the ethereal beauty of transparent frames this season. From clear acetate to crystal-clear lenses, transparency is the key to effortless elegance. Perfect for adding a subtle yet sophisticated touch to any outfit, these barely-there frames are a must-have for those who prefer a minimalist approach to accessorizing.

Skin - Brown Sunglasses - Dani Joh

Wearing Skin. 

Special - Ombre Sunglasses-Sunglasses-Dani Joh-Dani Joh

Wearing: Special

4. Sporty Chic: Who says sporty can’t be chic? This season, athleisure meets luxury with sporty sunglasses that combine performance and style. Look for sleek designs with lightweight frames, polarized lenses, and adjustable nose pads for a comfortable fit that lasts all day. Whether you’re hitting the gym or brunching with friends, these versatile shades are sure to elevate your look.

Dino - Silver Aviator Sunglasses - Dani Joh Eyewear

5. Color Pop: Add a pop of color to your spring wardrobe with vibrant, colorful sunglasses. From bold primary hues to playful pastels, this trend is all about making a statement with your eyewear. Whether you opt for monochromatic frames or multi-colored lenses, embrace the rainbow and let your shades do the talking.

Spice - Green Sunglasses - Dani Joh Eyewear


So, there you have it, darlings – the top five sunglasses trends to rock this spring. Whether you’re a retro enthusiast, a shield aficionado, or a lover of all things transparent, there’s a style to suit every taste and personality. So, go ahead, step out in style, and let your shades shine as bright as the springtime sun.

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